About Us

How We Got Started

Our organisation, ATHERTON-HERBERTON HISTORIC RAILWAY Inc. (AHHR) is a group of volunteers working to create a series of first class tourist and heritage train ride experiences between Atherton and Herberton as well as maintaining rail history for the local areas including Queensland Rail history. 

In 2013 we finalised a working document, our SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (SMS) and once approved by the Queensland Rail Safety Regulator we gained the status of an Accredited Rail Transport Operator, thus allowing us to operate a passenger carrying service between Herberton and the Historic Village Herberton as well as approval to build and maintain rolling stock, locomotives and infrastructure. The SMS is a 326 page, 54 chapter document that guides us through our operation in a safe and compliant manner.

Our Immediate Aims in 2023.

To have our fully restored 1905 Peckett steam locomotive and wooden carriages running on the line between the Herberton Station and the Historic Village Herberton platforms and seeing guests enjoy a piece of our history.

  • To run restored rail operations to Moomin siding
  • To run section car rides from Platypus Park Station to Wongabel at the bottom of the Herberton Range.
  • To run 2000 series rail motors Platypus Park Station to Wongabel at the bottom of the Herberton Range. Also, from Herberton station to Moomin.
  • To upgrade bridges and rail infrastructure throughout our 22 klm of our network.
  • Develop our Railway Refreshment Room in a 1940’s style

      Current projects in 2023.


      • Restoring our second Peckett Steam Locomotive
      • Restoring a second heritage passenger carriage
      • Restoring our two QR 2000 series rail motors
      • Bridge and rail upgrades
      • Training more of our volunteers
      • Expanding our Herberton Mens Shed and workshop.

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