Our Operations – Projects

Current Active Rolling Stock

Currently we have our first fully restored and commissioned 1905 Peckett steam locomotive and a fully restored 1913 timber passenger carriage, two Section Car units, the Tinlander and the Tablelander Express, a restored and regauged cane train loco “Pie Cart” for track maintenance work and a “Man Car” shunting unit that started its life as an underground unit for shifting workers and equipment at an Illawarra undergrpund mine.

Tinlander & Tablelander Express trains.

Our little section car trains can carry between 10 and 20 passengers. They run from Herberton railway station to the Historic Village Herberton. They also run in Atherton, from the Station Café to Hastie Road, and both about 20-minute return runs.

1913 QR Passenger Carriage.

The first of our full restored 1913 wooden Queensland Rail passenger carriages. Along with our Peckett Loco required 90,000 volunteer hours to fully restore and is now fully operational.

1905 Peckett Steam Locomotive & 1913 Wooden Passenger Carriage

Our steam train rides are from the Herberton Railway Station to the Historic Village Herberton and return. Passengers that are visiting the Historic Village may also obtain a ticket and return ride from the * village to Herberton and return. * Note return arrangements must be confirmed.

The Pie Cart Loco.

Our Track Maintenance Vehicle No1 or internally known as the “Pie Cart” is a ex Cane Train Loco and has been regauged and fully restored. Now used within our operations to move rolling stock and for track maintenance and track inspections, moving equipment along our rail line, etc.

Underground “Man Car” shunter

The “Man Car” is used within our operations to move rolling stock in and out of our maintenance building in Herberton, as well as for track inspections, moving equipment along our rail line, etc.

Current Projects

Our workshop in Herberton currently has a number of projects underway.

1910 Wooden Carriage.

Another wooden passenger carriage is currently being restored by members of the Herberton Men’s Shed, to its former glory within our Herberton workshop.

Another 1908 Peckett Steam Locomotive under restoration work

The second Peckett Steam Locomotive is currently in our workshop and being dismembered so that it can be rebuilt and become a second fully operational unit to join its older twin sister.

2000 Class Rail Motors

Two 2000 Class Rail Motors, 2024 and 2031, have made their way to our Herberton Station railway maintenance facility. They are now on the long journey to full restoration and operation. That work will see them, over time, running from Herberton station to Moomin and as the rail tracks are upgraded, from Atherton to Herberton and return.

Our rail Network

Our 22km rail network is a major focus, with continuing track upgrades and maintenance work along with major bridge rebuilds. These take time and substantial funds to complete.

We have support from across our communities with volunteers and local groups supporting our common rail corridor upgrades. Prisoners from the Lotus Glen correctional centre work with our teams in rail track maintenance and rail corridor vegetation managements.

*A number of other projects are either underway or being planned.

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