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Commissioning and Upgrades

Commissioning of 1905 Peckett Steam Locomotive and the first of our 1913 wooden historical passenger carriages was completed in August 2022.

Formal opening of the Herberton Railway Station’s Refreshment Room took place on the station’s birthday date being the 20th of October 2022. This event celebrated the112th year from the first train arriving in Herberton.

On October 20th this year we celebrated the 113th year of the line opening in Herberton.

A major bridge upgrade was completed in late December 2022 and early January 2023 to allow the Peckett steam loco and its wooden carriage to commence operations from Herberton Station to the Historic Village Herberton. This is a major achievement by all past and present volunteers, and supporters who have been part of this, 8-year journey. Further work is underway on line extensions north passed the Historical Village towards Moomin.

Work has commenced on our second Peckett Steam Locomotive restoration, along with a second wooden passenger carriage.

An old Ex Mulgrave sugar mill maintenance loco has been regauged from 2 feet to 3 feet 6 inches, restored and is now operational.

Our two 2000 class rail motors 2014 and 2031 have commenced full restoration work with progress.


Workshop updates

  • Training of our volunteers continues
  • Our new lunch room is now completed
  • Office extension is now complete
  • Refreshment room work continues
  • New toilet and shower room is now complete
  • Other workshop changes have taken place with another 290 square meters added to our Herberton workshop and maintanance facility making a total of 810 square meters under roof.

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