Volunteer & Supporters

Why not become a member of the Atherton-Herberton Historic Railway inc.

We’re always looking for volunteers and members of the Far North Queensland community who would like to make a difference.

AHHR is looking for you to get involved in something very special.

We’re committed to rebuilding and providing a successful Historic Tourist Railway experience, but we can only do this with members.

Members of the AHHR are eligible for training courses, which may just qualify you to become a member of the train crew or even a steam locomotive driver.

Volunteers may be trained as a Train driver, Guard, Carriage attendants, Operations manager, Passenger supervisor, Station manager, in Sales and Bookings, Tour guide, Track maintenance supervisor and more. We have a role for nearly everyone!

With support from both the AHHR and Herberton Men’s Shed, learn new skills in helping with restoration work to railway carriages, locomotives and a variety of other equipment.

We welcome volunteers who can offer specialist skills, as well as those looking to learn something new.

Prior qualifications are not required, and role-specific training is provided.

Our members are always there to support you and we have system s in place to help you learn from other experienced volunteers.

If you’re interested in contributing to the community and be part of recovering some of our railway history in Far North Queensland – we’d love to have you come on board!


If you can’t volunteer but would like to support what we are doing, there are several ways that can really help us.

Donations of equipment, materials and your trade skills would be greatly appreciated.

If you have an interest in funding some of our work, like rebuilding bridges, rolling stock, maintenance sheds, fit outs of cafés etc we would love to discuss opportunities, so please contact us at any time.